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    Roll Magnetic Separator

    Roll Magnetic Separator, With the increasing demand for high purity raw materials used in manufacturing, Eng Mineral began to focus on the production of Dry High Density Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separators. These provide maximum efficiency in separating weakly magnetic particles for product purification applications. Eng Mineral applied sophisticated finite element analysis in magnetic circuit design to produce a power-free separator capable of producing the extremely high field strengths required to remove unwanted fine iron contaminants.

    Magnetic cleaning has been applied to the most basic industrial bases such as industrial minerals, recycling of metals, glass batches and cullet, abrasives and refractories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and plastics.

    Our magnetic roll separators are designed to remove minor iron contamination from material processing lines in the most efficient way!

    This roll magnetic series is ideal for the purification or concentration of dry granular materials suitable for particle sizes ranging from +75 µ (microns) to -10 mm.

    ENG Mİineral's roll separator has high density rare earth element magnets that provide 14 000 gauss magnetic force on the belt.

    We manufacture these magnetic roll separators in rolls with diameters of 100-110-150-180 mm and widths of 300-1500 mm. Magnet rollers can also be supplied in multiple pass configurations, all based on your specific mineral processing requirements!

    Area of Use;

    • Mining Sector,
    • In Ore Enrichment Processes (ratio regulation for Chromium, increasing grade yield for Hematite, etc.),
    • Industrial Raw Material Processes (Separation of Quartz-Biotite-Tourmaline minerals.

    Designed for perfect performance!

    • High density magnetic roller assembled from rare earth permanent magnets,
    • Magnetic roller diameters of 4, 6 and 12 inches,
    • Magnetic roll widths up to 60 inches,
    • Continuous duty applications processing up to 12 TPH feeders/separators,
    • All stainless steel construction,
    • Variable speed drive on each magnetic roller,
    • Mounted spreading box/hopper and vibrating feeder.


    Roll Magnetic Separator was originally developed to purify dry non-metallic minerals. However, the extremely strong magnetic properties have recently been used in recycling applications such as purifying plastic waste and recycling batteries.

    The optimum particle size for Roll Magnetic Separator is between 75 microns and 15 mm, but it is important to maintain a tight particle size distribution to maximize separation performance. Special applications include:

    • Mineral Processing
    1. Feldspar,
    2. Silica Sand,
    3. High purity quartz,
    4. Talc,
    5. Abrasive and refractory minerals, including corundum
    6. Beach Sands (ilmenite etc.),
    7. Fine iron ores.
    • Ceramic
    1. Removal of free fine iron from Spray Dried Ceramics.
    • Recycle
    1. Cullet (broken glass),
    2. Granulated steel slag,
    3. Granulated plastic waste,
    4. Automatic Shredder residue powder.
    • Plastics
    1. Removing plastic beads containing fine iron flecks.

    Minerals and material applications

    Andaluzite, Manganese, aluminum oxide, magnesite, Bauxite, Micaceous hematite, borate, Mulite, Bone Meal, Monasite, Barite, Nepheline syenite, bentonite, Nickel laterite, Calcined bauxite, Phosphate ore, Calcium carbonate, Perlite, Chromite ore, Pigments, Chamote , Potassium, clay, profillite, glass residues, Quartz / Quartzite, Diatomaceous earth, Quartz, diamonds, Rare earth ores, dunite, Rutile, Feldspar, Rock salt, Calcium fluoride, Radionuclides, garnet, silica, Gold, Scandium ore, Graphite, Sodium sulphate, Ilmenite, spodumene, Iron ore, Talc, Kaolin, Trona, kyanite, Vermiculite, Leucoxene, Wollastonites, limestone, Zircon.

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