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    Manual Electromagnetic Overband Separator

    Automatic Self-Cleaning Electromagnetic Overband Separator

    Yaş Magnetic Drum Separators

    Yaş Magnetic Drum Separators set the standards for the Eng Mineral industry. The latest advancements in magnetic circuit design combined with over 15 years of experience in solid/liquid separation are integrated into the design of Yaş Magnetic Drum Separators.

    Both magnetic circuit design and innovations in construction materials are applied to Yaş drum magnetic separators. This ensures minimum wear and maintenance while maximizing magnetite recovery. Improvements in magnetic circuitry, tank design, and drive systems have resulted in further advancements in metallurgical performance and operational efficiency.


    Features and Advantages:

    • The most powerful and effective magnetic elements in the industry
    • Stainless steel encapsulated magnetic elements
    • Single-piece stainless steel drum shell
    • Wear-resistant aluminum or stainless steel end flanges
    • Double-row, easily accessible drum bearings with spherical ball bearings without disassembling the drum
    • Factory correct drum positioning eliminates field adjustments
    • Modular tank for easy installation
    • Full-width overflow weirs
    • High sound input
    • Low initial cost
    • Available with high-energy rare earth magnets
    • Yaş Drums for Heavy Environments

    Wet drums in heavy-duty applications ensure continuous recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon. Eng has set industry standards in the heavy media industry by improving both magnetic circuit design criteria and operational benchmarks. The 750 gauss Interpole magnetic element developed by Eng is the magnet of choice for engineering standards most admired in the industry. Eng has also set the benchmarks for drum performance. The results of various in-plant tests have shown that separators will achieve more than 99.9% magnetite recovery. (This is based on less than 1 gram/gallon of non-magnetic waste water magnetite losses).

    Two basic tank styles are offered. The drum rotates in the same direction as the slurry flow in the concurrent tank style. The slurry enters the feed box and is channeled beneath the submerged drum. The slurry then flows into the magnetic field generated by the drum. Magnetite is attracted by the magnetic field, collected on the drum surface, and rotated out of the slurry flow. This tank style provides a very clean magnetic product.

    The counter-rotation tank style is preferred for heavy media applications. The drum rotates in the opposite direction to the slurry flow in the counter-rotation tank style. The slurry enters the feed tank and flows directly into the magnetic field generated by the drum. Magnetite is attracted by the magnetic field, collected on the drum surface, and rotated out of the slurry flow. Any magnetite not immediately collected will pass into the magnetic scavenging zone. The short distance that the magnetic material must travel between the feed entry point and the magnetic discharge lip, combined with the magnetic scavenging zone, results in high magnetite recoveries.

    Wet Drums for Concentration Duty

    Wet drum magnetic separators are the most important part of the magnetite concentration upgrade process. Primary magnetite regeneration is always done with live drum separators. The mill feed is typically upgraded from less than 65% magnetic iron using a series of live drum magnetic separators. The number of magnetic separation stages required to upgrade the ore depends on the magnetite content and the liberating characteristics of the ore.

    The Eng Yaş Magnetic Drum is designed and manufactured to provide reliable operation in challenging applications. The separator is designed for continuous processing of coarse ground ore, providing high levels of availability. The tank and drum are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with wear plate areas in impact zones. Wear areas are protected with hot vulcanized rubber. The drum uses heavy-duty roller bearings with a B-10 life of 100,000+ hours. The drive system uses a Mill and Chemical Service motor coupled to a gear reducer mounted on the shaft with Taconite Bearing and Seal.

    The feed enters the separator under the tank, and the drum rotates in the same direction as the slurry flow. This tank also has a cleaning area. Non-magnetics must pass over a full-width overflow from the magnetic field. This design allows the tank to self-discharge. There are no waste tail plug adjustments needed to match the separator feed flow. This design is most effective at producing a clean magnetite concentrate. The magnetic element should include several shaking magnetic poles to ensure a high degree of cleanliness. Because the final processor feed consists largely of well-liberated magnetite, excessive magnetic field forces are not required for collection.

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