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    Automatic Self Cleaning Electromagnetic Overband Separator

    On-Tape Magnetic Holders;

    It is used in the designs of conveyors to retain iron and iron compounds in the transported material. It is produced with manual and automatic cleaning. It can be designed in any size, depending on the width of the conveyor belts and the height of the transported material.

    They are manufactured using long-lasting magnets. It parses easily and speeds things up. Magnets lift and carry metals of all shapes and weights, of all types, without the need for any other device. When loaded and used properly, it is much safer and simpler to use than other methods. Automatic Cleaning Tape Top Magnetic Holder is a type of separator used to separate the iron parts passing while the product is being transported. These pieces are placed on the carrier and the captured iron pieces are thrown out thanks to the automatic system of the machine. The transported goods do not come into contact with the magnetic gripper and therefore moist, sticky and heated materials up to 150°C can be separated by the gripper.

    Automatic Cleaning Belt Top Magnetic Holder must be designed in appropriate dimensions according to the working position (perpendicular to the belt or parallel to the belt). ENG MINERAL SAN. TIC. LLC. The user obtains the necessary preliminary information from the company and makes the design accordingly.

    Usage areas

    • - Mining Sector (Magnetic to protect crushers)
    • - Recycling sector (Scrap selection)
    • - Cement Sector (Kurn feeding conveyor tops)
    • - Wood Industry (Separation of metals such as nails etc. from clover)
    • - Port (For ores transported from the port with the help of belts, e.g. coal)

    What we request from you via e-mail to receive an offer:

    • - Width of the tape to be hung on it in your process (mm)
    • - Material carried on the conveyor belt (coal, magnetite, industrial raw materials, scrap, etc.)
    • - Pile height of the material carried on the conveyor belt above the belt (mm)
    • - Unwanted iron etc. in the transported material. estimated average size of the magnetic material (10-100 mm etc.)
    Conveyor bandwidth                                  :300- 2000 mm
    Magnetic material                                      :Sr-Ferrit (Ceramic Ferrite)
    Magnetic induction                                    :4000 gauss
    Magnetic life                                              :Indefinite
    Cleaning method                                       :Automatic
    Towing Distance                                         :max 30 cm
    The weight it will pull                                 :10 Kg (from 20 mm)
    Conveyor belt speed                                  :0,8 m/sec
    Tape used                                                   :4 LAYER COURT CLOTH TAPE
    Panel Input Voltage                                    :3 phase 380V 50 Hz
    Working Period                                          :100 %
    Tape Engine                                                :1,1-5 kW
    Reducer connection voltage                        :220/380 V trifaze akım; 380 V’ ye bağlantılı
    Reducer frequency                                     :50 Hz
    Connactor type                                       : IP 65
    Ferromagnetic materials                          :nails, nuts, washers, bolts, sheet metal, profile pieces, sledgehammer, hammer, chain, ferro magnetic bucket claw, casting sprue, casting burr etc.
    There is no documentation for the product.